Monday, August 23, 2010


We finally took a weekend trip this summer! We took a short camping trip last Saturday up American fork canyon. It was so pretty, we even took a nap by the creek...

We did take a little hike ,ofcourse it was an adventure with James. Some how we got to a little canyon, Missy swam in a little pool of water but we had to climb our way out. I was a little scared but we made it!! It was so fun to finally spend time together!
Peace and love

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Wow another week has passed by! We went to a birthday party for afton since she is in Utah with alicia.We had a really fun time. It has been really hot here in Utah! My mom is recovering really well from her surgery. James is doing awesome with his company Ridgeline Creative. I moved to advanced section at my school Elase Academy. I love it there!!! Missy went to the birthday party today all the kids loved her!
This was afton opening her presents!

Here comes another great week. We are so grateful for everything and everyone!

Peace and love

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A long time

Wow I have been so bad at updating our blog, life has been crazy!!! James is doing great with his company Ridgeline! He just got done being a big sponsor for a 48 hour film festival in
Utah. Missy is cute as always. I have been busy with school and work but I love my school. It's crazy that I am half way done.
I am just about to leave Arizona. My mom had a serious heart surgery but she recovering really well. She is definitely a fighter :)
A new busy week will start again! This week I am going to focus on having positive thoughts!

Cute Missy dog!

Peace and Love

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!!

We had a great day with nieces, nephews and missy! Here are some great pics from the day! Mom really enjoys her rootbeer! The kids took part in a fun fishing pond.

Ofcourse we had to get our sweet little Missy a easter basket, she loved the puppy treats! Missy went straight for the bunnies nose and got to the stuffing within 5 minutes!

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Something New!

James went to Texas about two weeks ago and brought home a surprise for Missy, a toy horse from Texas. Missy was very interested but suddenly became frightened of the horse because of the horses ability to make horse noises! She is starting to warm up to the horse a little every week!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


James, Missy and I have been doing really well this month. My school has been going really well, I just love it. I have been learning sugar scrubs, targeted facials, french tip nails and products. It is so much fun and I enjoy everything I am learning. James has been so busy working, he is so smart and so ambitious. He works so hard every day, what a great loving husband! Missy is great as usually, the cutest beagle ever! Today my mom and I went shopping and we got breakfast. I asked her if she wanted any one mine, ofcourse she said no. But when I had little pieces left, she then wanted the food. Mom said " food tastes better when there scraps of food". So her new nickname is Scrappy or Scrap master!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Best Surprise

This story happened about 15 minutes ago, I just had to tell the best story to everyone.
Here it is...........
James texted me saying I needed to come right after school because Missy ( our dog) had a valentines present for me. So I come home and Missy runs up to me as always. She had a note in her collar which once I opened said" Wuff, Wuff Happy Valentines day, I left a special gift in my cage.". So I go to her Kennel, I there find a very funny valentines card from James and says to check lyla or lyle our birds cage. So I go there and the cute note tells me to go to the bathroom behind our vase. I then open up a box to open a DIAMOND TENNIS BRACELET with a total of 1 carat, oh my gosh I had no idea!!!! Then there was another note to see our fish tank, I was still in shock of my bracelet!! So I go to the fishtank where I find DIAMOND EARRINGS!!!! Oh my gosh, I asked James how he did this with out me knowing, he said he has been working on it for a long time. What a sweet, sweet husband I have :)